Women’s Political Leadership Training Program



Deadline: 9 Sep 22

If you are a local political leader in one of the ODA countries listed by the OECD DAC, a woman and, above all, an agent of change, this program is for you.

The 12-month training focuses on developing political leadership skills and is open only to women who hold an elected seat in local or regional government in one of the ODA countries listed by the OECD DAC. All parts of the training are based on equity, participation, transparency and accountability, and the aim is to strengthen democracy in the organizations participating in the training, mainly by strengthening the politician herself, as well as ‘by empowering female politicians in general to be good role models and to achieve greater involvement of under-represented groups in decision-making bodies.

The training is implemented in cooperation with the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR).

  • The program aims to provide the following changes in the participant:
    • Empower the participant with enhanced leadership skills
    • Helping the participant fully utilize the power and influence of her position
    • Reinforce it as a model to encourage political participation among marginalized groups
    • Give her access to a network of women in similar positions
  • During the training, the participant will work on her change process and implement a strategy to make the local authority fair, participatory, transparent and accountable.
  • A valuable exchange of knowledge and experience
  • Extensive regional and international networks
  • Improved skills as a “change agent” in initiating and implementing institutional change
  • Skills and abilities to communicate and advocate on inclusive governance issues
  • Two-day study visit to a Swedish municipality or region
  • Support to improve participation, equality, transparency and accountability in local governance
What are they going to offer?
  • Advanced training in communication, strategic planning and leadership
  • Swedish mentorship including a two-day individual study visit to a Swedish municipality or region
  • International exposure to different political experiences
  • An opportunity for your municipality to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Through qualifying training workshops on site or digitally
  • Identification of challenges and search for solutions to problems faced by women politicians
  • By providing strategic support and coaching from ICLD staff and mentors
  • In sharing professional obstacles and successes in an inclusive environment
Eligibility criteria
  • All countries on the OECD-DAC list of ODA-eligible countries are eligible for the programme.
  • Only elected female politicians (currently serving) in local/regional government will be considered. ICLD will give priority to candidates occupying the position of mayor or deputy mayor but will also exceptionally accept candidates who are councillors. At ICLD, they aim to create a group that includes both majority and opposition politicians, as well as a diversity of ages and backgrounds. ICLD trainings are open to all who are eligible, regardless of physical ability.
  • Applicants who have previously participated in a Sida-funded ICLD training program cannot apply for this program.

For more information, visit https://icld.se/en/international-programmes/the-programmes/itp-local-political-leaders-capacitating-women-in-politics/

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