Women report leadership training most effective for career advancement


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Last month, Thomas released its “Annual Report on Career Advancement in Manufacturing,” a benchmark survey conducted in partnership with the global trade association Women in Manufacturing.

Polling more than 650 respondents working in all industry sectors, the survey reveals that most women feel they are progressing in their careers in the industry. Let’s take a look at the data.

74% of respondents said they agreed that women have made significant progress in manufacturing over the past five years. This is a notable increase from just 62% in 2020.

While the majority of both men and women agreed with the survey statement, men were more likely to ‘strongly agree’ while women were more likely to ‘somewhat disagree’. OK “.

According to the survey, one in three manufacturing employees is a woman, and one in four is in a management position. Although both men and women agree that leadership training is the most effective asset for career advancement, only 20% of respondents said their companies offered such programs.

So what resources should companies offer their employees to help them achieve leadership positions? Training through online courses and workshops at conferences can make a big difference, especially on topics like communication styles, problem solving, and workforce development. Another helpful approach, suggested by one survey respondent, is to emphasize the importance of diversity in leadership roles. It pays to “make female leadership visible at all levels of the industry so lower levels and younger generations know it’s possible,” they said.

For other reference highlights, download the “Manufacturing Career Advancement Annual Report”.

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