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Be diligent, focused, determined, graduates are advised

In all of its history, Nigeria has never known such a desperate need for visionary, selfless and exemplary leaders, philosopher kings and various dramatis personae who have what it takes to arrest the country’s drift and transform the potential of the country in reality.

With the multi-faceted challenges facing the nation, the urgency for adequately resourced leaders to take the reins and stabilize the ship of state cannot be overemphasized.

This gap therefore explains why young people must play an active role and the active role of schools in the process of preparing/recruiting leaders, even if young people must show sufficient interest in being part of the solution to the leadership conundrum of the country.

All of these and more formed the core of the discussions at the recent Farewell Session for the Class of 2022 at Mind Builders High School (MBHS), Lagos.

From the Director General of the Office of Education Quality Assurance (OEQA), Ms. Abiola Seriki-Ayeni, to the School’s Director of Education, Ms. Bolajoko Falore, the charge was simple – take it very seriously the next phase of your educational activities, work very hard to achieve the objectives set and leave no stone unturned to acquire and perfect your leadership qualities.

Even more heartwarming is valedictorian Dawn Akinselure’s appeal to her fellow graduates not to bury their talents, but to optimize them to project the image of the school and the country.

The DG of OEQA said, “Hard work is another major ingredient in achieving your dreams. Therefore, you must continue to work hard because the future leadership of this great nation rests on your shoulders. Today, as we celebrate you, we are also preparing you for leadership. Therefore, you must be diligent, focused and determined to achieve your dreams at all times.

“This is the time for you to commit to your academic and educational progress. You must imbibe good morals to help you achieve your goals and since leadership skills are not easy to acquire, you must continually be involved. in capacity building that will produce more productive results leading to enhanced learning and development that will transform and reposition the careers you have chosen,” said the DG who was represented by the Director of Private Education and Special Services , Mrs. ‘Bambi Falayi.

While praising the school authorities for the transformation wrought on the graduates, Seriki-Ayeni shifted gears again for the departing students, urging them to never be complacent, but to start “dreaming big all the time”. .

She said: “Dreaming big is a higher calling and an endless vision that requires you to push yourself to achieve your set goals, and the main ingredients are overcoming fears of failure, self-confidence and have good role models.. To achieve your dreams you must have set goals and you must believe in yourself and be practical in achieving the goals set. Your set goals must be SMART In other words, they must be Specific, Meaningful , Achievable, Realistic and Traceable so you have a better idea of ​​progress.

She further commended MBHS for its commitment to progress by urging the management to “continue to support the Lagos State Government in its quest to achieve excellence in the education sector, ensuring the delivery of quality education at all levels”.

Akinselure, the valedictorian, warned colleagues against taking their eyes off the ball or remaining with their hands on their hips while waiting for breakthroughs, stressing that it could rob them of the chance to write the names of their school and their golden country.

He said, “Although we are very excited right now, let’s not forget the tasks ahead of us. Let us not bury our talents, but optimize them to project the image of our beloved alma mater and Nigeria as a whole.

“Let me remind you, dear graduates, that we must not wait for opportunities to arise for us, we must challenge ourselves with the knowledge and skills we have acquired from this institution to create such opportunities. for ourselves. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson “Do not follow where the path may lead. Rather go where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Tasking his colleagues with preserving the legacy of academic excellence for which the school is known, Akinselure stressed, “Graduating in the class of 2022, I want you to know what a great gift it is to be as prepared as we are. are because most other schools in our climate do not offer such an advantage. Here we have had a high degree of academic excellence, so we are ready to meet any challenges that come our way. We have benefited greatly from what we have learned here.

Underscoring that the class of 2022, like their predecessors, have been groomed to perform, the school’s director of education, Ms. Falore said in her remarks: “Academic results are a true representation of the sincere commitment, sustained application by the learners, and constant support and encouragement from the parents…today we come together with one main objective – to honor learners who have achieved academic, emotional and behavioral excellence at the course of the outgoing academic year 2021/2022. Your diligence, your exemplary behavior, your candles lit late at night to study and your sincere attitude have finally paid off. You have demonstrated that you have all the qualities required to take the height and you stand out. I am very proud of you and doubly proud that you are our students and our products…”

She added: “I am proud and honored to be able to reaffirm that I have the chance to work with some of the fine teachers of this generation. Drive, passion and determination, backed by skills, knowledge and empathy enabled teaching and learning to continue to increase progress and achievement despite social, learning and emotional needs ever-changing challenges we face in the 21st century.

Speaking to The Guardian on why a solid and quality education is so important at the fundamental level of learning, she turned to religion: “The Holy Book says ‘if the foundation is destroyed, what can do the righteous?’ A solid and qualitative education cannot be compromised at the fundamental level of education, as the formative years of a child range from zero to eight years. It is the period of an individual’s life when he learns faster than at any other stage of life. This is the period when a child experiences rapid intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. The formative years of a child are very important because it is the period when the character of a child is defined and the decision of what a child will become in the future is decided. These are the reasons why we treat the issue of early childhood education with all the seriousness and attention it deserves.

On whether the current curriculum being used in the country is adequately addressing the country’s leadership needs and challenges, she replied, “The current curriculum being used in our country is very good, but it could benefit from a little amendment. positive”.

According to her, reputable schools have many roles to play in complementing the process of recruiting leaders into our society. “For starters, leadership is about having a positive influence on members of society, and that’s what we teach our students from their formative years.

“One school of thought says ‘nobody cares what you know as a leader until they know how much you care about yourself.’ We have taken it upon ourselves to teach our students to be caring and compassionate, and we have always encouraged them to provide relief materials and money, which in turn are sent to orphanages and homes for the less privileged. this way we have trained them to be compassionate.Plus we have entrepreneurship and leadership programs for all of our students…

“We have also ensured that they are always guided by the Seven Pillars of Character, namely Courage, Citizenship, Respect, Caring, Integrity and Reliability. Finally, our core values ​​are also suited to producing great leaders in society. These are excellence, integrity and the fear of God. We encourage collaboration between home and school because the school must play its role, while the parents must be supportive. We believe in a community that contributes in many ways to raising children.

Interestingly, some alumni of the school had stepped up and graduated first class from universities inside and outside the country.

Falore, while expressing her enthusiasm for the development, said, “Our first-class ambassadors are made up of our primary school graduates who had their very excellent foundation at MBS, and those who came for their secondary school from six years at MBHS”.

She emphasized that the school is poised to remain “a premier educational institution focused on excellence…That is why we have been using the best human and technological resources since the school’s inception. Since its inception, we have been continuously committed to creating a center of knowledge and character building.Our mentorship and leadership programs, as well as our honors roll, are all aimed at encouraging healthy academic competition among students, while that our academic support program aims to help students facing academic challenges.

The School Board Chairman, Mr. Olatunbosun Jacob Falore along with Falore in his comment which said “the school has done its best in molding the graduates for the challenges of tomorrow” urged them to take it as their point starting point for greater things. happen in their life.

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