Veteran Founder Unleash Epic Launches Online Leadership Course Because Leadership Shouldn’t Feel Like An Exclusive Club



BEAVERTON, Ore., November 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Unleash the Epic ( today launched its first digital course, Leadership Clarified. It is suitable for anyone who wants to understand and apply the fundamentals of leadership using a simple, step-by-step process.

The course teaches a comprehensive framework for leadership built from the experience of the founder of Unleash Epic, Jean Vyhlidal, combined with extensive supporting research. Vyhlidal has learned, practiced and taught how to be an effective leader in some of the most complex environments in the world. As a former military officer, Big 4 consultant and Fortune 100 employee, he started Unleash Epic because he saw so many people in the corporate world with incredible potential who also struggled as a leader. .

The traditional leadership development programs provided to his colleagues were not helping. Even after the training or coaching, they still didn’t understand what leadership really was. Vyhlidal noted that his colleagues’ experiences are not unique. According to McKinsey et Cie., 89% of Fortune 500 executives said their leadership development programs were not achieving desired results. In the same survey, 93% of CEOs said their companies are not building effective global leaders.

Traditional leadership development programs can blur the lines between management and leadership, Vyhlidal says. When this happens, tangible, concrete concepts are described as management, with leadership being described as behaviors or “soft skills”. This often leaves students with an unclear approach to leadership, or without a way to practice and assess themselves as a leader.

Vyhlidal noted that there are other courses that effectively teach leadership, but they are expensive and inaccessible to many. By Vyhlidal, “Our world needs more real leaders, so I took what I learned and practiced and brought it to everyone at an affordable price.” He believes that once people take this course and take the steps it teaches, they will gain the confidence they need to be an effective leader.

Lifetime access to the course can be purchased directly from Unleash Epic on their website (

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