US Space Force partners with Johns Hopkins for leadership training



As part of the USSF partnership, announced Oct. 26, service members and civilians will study at SAIS in Washington D.C. in a residency program leading to a master’s degree in international public policy. The program will combine existing SAIS higher level courses complemented by modules aligned with Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) requirements.

The first cohort of students is expected to enroll in 2023.

Sunil Kumar, Provost of Johns Hopkins University, said, “Attendees will benefit immensely from the combined excellence of Hopkins’ faculty at SAIS, our Whiting School of Engineering and the Applied Physics Laboratory,” referring to the opportunities STEM learning programs available through the partnership.

“Developing Guardians [USSF officers] to compete and prevail in space and cyberspace requires professional military training experience focused on Guardians,” said Major General Shawn Bratton, Commander of Space Training and Readiness Command (STARCOM). “The space field requires unique training for space-minded professionals; and the partnership with Johns Hopkins enables a greater ability to offer substantial new choices, research opportunities, and increased access to a wider range of commercial sector partnerships.

STARCOM has been in a period of transition from its origins as a USAF formation and recently released Space Doctrine Publication (SDP) 1-0, Staff what advice on developing and sustaining Guardians throughout their careers of service.

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