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In the workplace, most employers want their employees to have all the skills that open doors of opportunities for them and also expose them to promotions.

A good employee can be a great leader if they have the right skills, the right knowledge and the right training.

Leadership development is the process that helps develop the ability of individuals to take on leadership roles within organizations.

According to Great Learning, an Indian education platform, an employee trained in leadership will not only become better at performing their duties, but will also become a more valuable asset to your organization.

Sales Manager Rebecah Ineza says that employees should receive leadership training in an organization because such training opens their eyes and also changes their mindset.

“Such training is very important, employees must also learn that they are not afraid of change, that they must realize their potential and not think that they will remain employees all their life. The training gives them the confidence to stand out and perform at their best as employees,” she says.

Marcel Izere, program manager, says employees can also develop a sense of risk management when they have leadership skills; they become more confident that their ideas can help and won’t be afraid to share them.

“In companies, managers and CEOs are often the ones who manage situations, they find solutions and implement them, but employees who have leadership skills will help in the development of the company, because they will be more open solution-oriented,” he says. .

Izere also adds that providing leadership training to everyone in the organization is one way to create the next generation of informed and capable leaders.

“Obviously no one can lead a company or an organization forever, they have to change in everything from staff to the board. A CEO would want the next person to replace them to be the best leader they have, to bring your business at the top and be able to drive business success, and that’s why it’s important to have staff with sharp minds and good leadership skills,” he says.

According to Forbes magazine, providing leadership skills to employees creates engaged and independent employees; A key objective of any leadership course is to increase employee engagement and independence.

Engaged employees are much more productive and a leadership course will help them understand the big picture instead of getting lost in their specific tasks. It will also teach your employees how to give useful and meaningful feedback, creating a more positive environment and improving relationships within the organization.

The BoardClic article states that leadership training improves structure and organization.

“In a classic setting, most companies have a pyramid structure of leadership, where the who’s who of the company would be at the top. As the pyramid expands, they will be followed by CEOs, managers, and ultimately employees. Although this linear structure is old and tested, it has also been found that organizations with collective leadership are more likely to make better-informed and more employee-centric decisions.

The article points out that collective leadership occurs when a team is led by more than one person in a hierarchical manner. Leadership training for more employees will create a flat workforce structure and information will be distributed more evenly among employees. It will also make employees feel more valued and increase their level of motivation.

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