The Sheppard Leadership Institute at UTPB conducts leadership training for MISD students



MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) – Registering for success can never start too early.

“I’m someone who strives to be a better person,” said Drayton “Meckie” McCoy at Midland High School Junior.

In fact, that’s what Drayton McCoy and dozens of other MISD juniors and seniors did, attending a day-long leadership training run by UTPB’s Shepperd Leadership Institute.

“For much of my life I always thought of myself as slow to learn and when someone gives instructions I always question myself,” McCoy said.

He says that by sharing his story, he uses this training to shape, identify and overcome these labels to be a better leader.

“I felt like this was going to be a great way to learn how to connect with people and become a good leader,” McCoy said.

The training teaches exercises from the LeaderShape Catalyst program, which focuses on three components: developing one’s own authentic path, connecting with groups and causes that are close to the students’ hearts, and committing to a plan of action to be a catalyst for something extraordinary.

“I mean the students are engaged, they’re excited to help create their stories, to work together and to really make new connections and to be able to turn those visions into action,” said Shebly, director of engagement. community of the Sheppherd Leadership Institute of the UTPB. Landgraf.

The idea of ​​the seminar is designed to allow students to realize their vision and put a plan behind this action.

“I think it was a great learning experience to start learning how to be a leader, what to do, and how to communicate with people,” McCoy said.

This is the first time the university has partnered with the school during the district’s intersessional week.

The university says it hopes it won’t be the last.

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