Stimulation, Leadership Books, and Cancer: In Concordia Baseball’s Rapid Turnaround Under Ryan Dupic | University sport



Maybe you shouldn’t. What’s tricky about culture is that it’s not something that you can concretely attribute to the success of a team like you can with, say, Jake Fosgett’s 9-0 record. and the 1.36 ERA on the mound this season or Keaton Candor’s 0.379 batting average and 13 homers. But it is there.

Dupic runs two book clubs within the team, one with the juniors, the other with the seniors. Every year. The literature revolves around leadership – what it really is, what it looks like, how to exude it, etc. – then forwards it to the subclasses. The hope is that the cycle spawns some style in Seward.

“His great asset has always been leadership,” Candor said. “You and your guys have to lead each other because if he’s the one to do it, it won’t get that far. It’s kind of one of the legacies he’ll leave here. . He will be there every day to do his part, but it’s up to us to make sure we hold each other accountable. ”

Dupic points to a specific time period when the program trajectory has reached the sweet spot. In December 2016, as the team prepared for the 2017 spring season, Dupic was diagnosed with cancer (he is nearing five years of remission). He couldn’t be so present. Others needed to come together as a single unit – the books proved to be useful.

“There’s been a lot of pretty honest conversations at this point as to whether we really want this to be our group, our schedule, our team, it’s going to have to happen now or it just won’t happen,” said Dupic. . “Our guys really took that into their own hands in 2017. Then the class of 2019 cemented the future so strongly that the new guys in the program knew no different.”

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