Somalia holds leadership training for directors of 17 foreign ministry departments



Mogadishu, Somalia – The Somali Diplomatic Institute on Sunday launched a training program at the Foreign Ministry building in the capital Mogadishu to build the capacity of directors of the 17 departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation on leadership and teamwork.

The new director of the Diplomatic Institute, Mr. Abdiweli Hussein Hassan, said that the intensive training program will last for seven days to improve their leadership skills for the directors of the departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to implement strategic projects. effective more quickly and more effectively to develop important tight plans with political, security and economic dimensions for the country.

Among the directors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who will benefit from this training program are the Director General of the Protocol Department, Adv. Hersi Haji Olosow, Director of the Information and Communication Technologies Department, Mr. Ali Abdi Ali Hoshow, Director of the Africa Department, Mr. Abdilatif Mohamoud Ali, Director of the Europe and America Department, Mr. Abdidahir Abdirahman Abdi, Director from the Department of International Cooperation, Mr. Shirwa Abdullahi Ibrahim, Director of the Department of International Organizations, Mr. Hassan Mohamud Ali, Director of the Department of Legal Affairs and Treaties, Mr. Mahad Mohamed Abukar, Director of the Department of Consular Affairs, Mr. . Abdirahman Said Ahmed, Director of the Department of Diaspora Affairs, Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Awale, Director of the Planning Department, Mr. Ali Ahmed Mohamud, Director of the Administrative and Financial Department, Mr. Bashir Abdullahi Farah, The Director of the Department of Human Resources, Mr. Mohamed Goodaad Warsame, the Director of the Public Works Department, Mr. Mohamed Abdi Hassan, and the Director from the Archives Department, Mr. Ibrahim Gure J ama. It should be noted that the directors of the Arab World, Asia and Australia departments were absent from the training because of their concern for specific tasks abroad.

The Somali Diplomatic Institute has organized four diplomatic training courses since its reopening on December 2, 2019 and has trained 64 government employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Presidency and the Prime Minister, as well as the offices of the Presidents of the People’s House and the Senate of the Federal Parliament of Somalia.

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