School principal attends strategic leadership class at Harvard University



The Batemans Bay High School P&C Association is pleased to inform the community of the recent school vacation participation of their Head of School, Mrs. Paula Hambly, in a high-level Strategic Leadership course at Harvard University, USA -United.

Paula Hambly Image Credit: New South Wales Department of Education

“We were delighted to hear Ms. Hambly describe how the knowledge gained from the Harvard course will be applied to the renewal and rebuilding process that is already underway at the school,” said Alex Malcolm, president of P&C. “We are fully behind her in all her endeavours.”

“The course was timely as our school is going through a period of change management looking at all of our systems and processes,” Ms Hambly said.

“Brilliant workshop leaders have inspired me and other educators to think outside the box and be brave in the design thinking that is it’s all about creative problem solving and putting student needs above everything else,” she said.

“The underlying question posed during the workshops was ‘how can a highly strategic way of thinking and leading impact relationships with students, teachers, families and the community and how can this prepare students to future success? said Ms Hambly.

“I look forward to working with my teams at school to move beyond mere stakeholder involvement to real engagement. This means listening to students, teachers, families and the community and using what we learn to make the best decisions, taking positive action in the classroom and partnering with families in children’s learning, Ms Hambly added.

“It was great to see that the dedicated teachers at my school, working together, were already making great strides, a good example being our transition program – Year 6 into 7, Year 8 into 9 and Year 10 into 11,” said said Ms Hambly.

Ms. Hambly won a very competitive scholarship to enable her to take the course. The application process was difficult and only three Australian directors were granted scholarships.

“The experience rekindled my passion for leadership in learning and a desire to continue my professional learning to enable me to work well with teams at my school in our goal of making Batemans Bay High School the best place it can be” , concluded Ms. Hambly.

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