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Recent leadership training based on the recently adopted state strategic plan has led public school principals to seek new ways to revamp some school policies, address learning loss, and implement to help students succeed beyond school.

“The focus has always been on our students. But at the same time, it’s very deliberate, from the strategies to the activities that we do as a department as a whole,” said Natasha Dela Cruz, MU Lujan Elementary School Principal. “(It) helped me to really refocus on what we do, how it aligns, and also helped me identify next steps in terms of what I need to prioritize at my school in order to ensuring that students are advancing, growing and accelerating.

Jodie Sablan, vice principal of Vicente SA Benavente Middle School, speaks during a discussion on Accelerated Learning for Principal Leadership Academy training at the Guam Department of Education headquarters in Tiyan on 27 July 2022.

I Chalan-ta Mo’na

In April, the Guam Education Board adopted the Guam Department of Education’s five-year strategic plan – I Chalån-ta Mo’na – for the past year with input and support from the school community that is focused on the following strategic priorities:

  • Leadership
  • Curriculum and Education
  • Parent involvement
  • Student Discipline and Safety
  • Installations and maintenance
  • Financial and administrative services and data

All 41 public schools are preparing for the return of face-to-face instruction and principals are ready to deal with the effects of the pandemic’s learning loss.

“We embrace the idea that not everyone is where they are supposed to be academically and we prepare for that…to ensure that we provide the best environment and opportunities for other students to learn and grow up,” Dela told Cruz.

The Department of Education concluded its Principals Leadership Academy last week with the final day of training at the department’s headquarters in Tiyan.

main training 3.jpeg

The Guam Department of Education held its third and final day of training at the Principals Leadership Academy at the Guam Department of Education headquarters in Tiyan on July 27, 2022.

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Collaborative Leadership

“One of the biggest changes that is now being added is collaborative leadership,” said Hannah Gutierrez, Principal of Astumbo Middle School. “So we go back to our school action plan, look at our course accreditation plan, and then look at our new district plan, which really allows teachers to participate in decision-making, to look at our data and to make the most of them. decisions for our students.

main training 6.jpeg

Joe Sanchez, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction for the Guam Department of Education, presents on accelerated learning approaches and strategies during the third and final day of the Guam training. ‘Directors Leadership Academy at GDOE headquarters in Tiyan on July 27, 2022.

Guam DOE Deputy Superintendent Joe Sanchez said it’s imperative that principals understand the standards in the strategic plan to ensure teachers interpret the standards and implement strategic learning solutions.

social advancement

“It’s really about how to help all of these students cope with the learning loss of instructional time and counter the effects of social promotion,” said Sanchez, who explained that social promotion is the practice of taking students to the next level. regardless of academic success and without any consequences.

main training 5.jpeg

The Guam Department of Education held its third and final day of training at the Principals Leadership Academy at the Guam Department of Education headquarters in Tiyan on July 27, 2022.

While this type of promotion happens nationwide and is practiced in kindergarten through 8th grade, Sanchez said it makes it harder for students to learn in the long run.

“A student must earn the credit in order to move on to the next course or to advance to the next level, but withholding it leads to larger behavioral issues that lead to lower self-esteem and lower academic performance,” said Sanchez. .

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