National Youth Leadership Training Update to Better Serve Young Leaders


National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is a six-day board-delivered course that teaches Boy Scouts, Adventurers and Sea Scouts what they need to know and do to be effective leaders in their units.

Young people, aged 13 to 20, benefit from the exciting program; it integrates modern leadership theory with the traditional strengths of Scouting. This is not classroom training. Scouts experience hands-on activities, games, challenges, presentations and discussions. It is a combination of work and play that resonates with young people.

However, the training, launched in 2005, needed an update.

What’s new and why?

In 2019, a team of volunteer facilitators, all with NYLT experience, began reviewing the course with a national survey. Their goal was to refresh the course, not to rework it. Here are some of the aspects that have been updated:

  • Create consistency with the schedule.
  • Content sessions went from 3pm to 7pm with new sessions on “Embracing and Leading Change” and “Resilience”.
  • Two communication sessions were divided into six 30-minute sessions.
  • Other sessions have been merged and activities have been added with an emphasis on active learning.
  • Team building games, patrol challenges, and a problem-solving panel have been added.

When will the updated course be available?

A national pilot course was held in February and regional pilot courses will be held throughout the spring and summer. If you live in or near a of the following tips, see their respective websites for details and registration information

After these classes, feedback will be evaluated and final adjustments made this fall for the NYLT Course Director Conferences. Boards are expected to be able to implement the updated course in 2022.

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