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(MCS) – While CNMI is at Level Green, Mount Carmel School has revived student events and activities, including the recent Student Leadership Retreat. The purpose of the retreat is to serve as professional development for elected student leaders as they prepare for student engagement activities throughout the school year.

The retreat took place on Saturday August 28, 2021 at the Maturana building at Mount Carmel School. The retreat has been made available to all student leaders in grades 7 through 12.

During the Student Leadership Retreat, students at Mount Carmel School benefited from various sessions that would prepare them to lead their peers this school year. Topics covered at the retreat include mission and vision, policies and procedures, student leadership, mental wellness, marketing, fundraising, photography, and student activity planning.

Mount Carmel School Student Council President Kyla Cabrera shared the importance of organizing the retreat and commented on the effects of the pandemic on student mental well-being, learning and engagement . “Throughout the summer, my team and I reached out to many students to ask them what they thought was the most important to change. Ultimately, the number one response was to get back to student activities and tackle the effects on student mental well-being during this pandemic. We are grateful for the support of the school in our efforts in facilitating this event.

Interim President Frances Taimanao praised the student council for their proactive and motivated energy in helping their peers. “Since June of this year, our STUCO agents have been proactive in meeting the needs of our students. While a year off from student events may not seem like a long time, we do recognize the effects this pandemic has had on student learning and behavior. At MCS, we believe that if we can make it easier for students to do things safely, we can provide our students with a more holistic education and experience.

The first day of classes for MCS was August 12, 2021, since then Mount Carmel School has reinstated the Annual Parenting Orientation, Activities Fair and Student Leadership Retreat. Upcoming events include Cultural Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Show, and more throughout the school year.

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