Leadership training: how to prepare leaders for the challenges of today and tomorrow


In this ebook, LearningPool explores the demands of modern leadership training in detail, with sections dedicated to current learning systems, in the moment of need and situational learning before moving on to practical solutions such as masterclasses of leadership and retraining.

The requirements for a modern learner’s user experience have fundamentally changed:

  • While it might be easy to dismiss UX as a “good paint job” on older technology, it’s actually a more historic move away from command and control that matters.
  • The modern learning suite can be thought of as a set of blocks that can be reconfigured for different purposes
  • Smart L&D uses its suite in this form to adapt the tools to the situation

The objective of this ebook is to promote a new way to train leaders capable of meeting today’s challenges. The ebook is packed with examples of leadership training strategies built around modern L&D workflows.

With this ebook, you will learn:

  • How Leadership Training Programs Respond to Emerging Challenges
  • How to retrain employees to fill gaps and build trust
  • Overcoming Leadership Development Challenges
  • Create a culture of learning through sustainable leadership development training

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