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Tauranga – Trades and Small Business Leadership Training is available for businesses on Friday October 29 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Maria Cafer of The Human Factor is the leadership training provider specifically designed for business and small business owners who are starting out with new employees or who wish to train their existing staff on how to lead others. This class will take place at the Coworking Space (second floor above Lighting Direct, elevator provided) in the Bay City Mall, 1/65 Chapel Street, Tauranga 3110.

Are you a small business owner who has hired a new employee for the first time or are your staff moving into leadership roles? Then, this course will provide you with the basics to successfully manage new members of your team and help you lead people more effectively. Alternatively, this course will also benefit business enterprises with new apprentices. Register your senior team members to learn how to demonstrate the right leadership skills and the right behaviors that will reflect well on you and your business.

We are sure that some of your employees have been supported by your competition, it is happening all over the country and even Australia is trying to poach our people! Until borders open and skilled workers come in droves, this will continue. So your first priority should be to keep your good staff, but how? First, improve your leadership skills and knowledge. You might have ditched the tools or bought a business, and while you know the industry inside and out, you are only using it with leadership skills that you likely learned on the job. The number one rule for keeping staff is good management. You don’t need to take a college course that takes hours of your precious time – just master the basics in four hours with The Human Factor.

Recruiting new staff is incredibly difficult in this talent shortage market, especially for small businesses and trades. This is a great opportunity to motivate and retain your team by learning to appreciate, recognize and reward them whenever possible. In return, they will stay loyal and then you can continue to break those jobs and deadlines for your valued customers.

Maria Cafer is a qualified human resources professional with over 15 years of experience in various organizations, including SMEs and trades. Her passion lies in increasing employee engagement in businesses and she has a proven track record of turning tough problems into positive ones. Its approach is simple, efficient and hassle-free and this training will be delivered in the same way.

“I am married to a plumber and grew up with many artisans in my family (masons, plumbers and electricians) so I understand what you like and what you don’t like about HR training and consulting. I have a solid understanding of the challenges your industry faces and enjoy working with staff, managers and owners to get your business back on track. I have a small business myself and I fully understand how difficult it can be, especially when you are starting to hire staff.

I was inspired to create this leadership training because trades and small businesses need a cost-effective, short, and focused training that helps them lead in a positive way. This in turn generates higher productivity. Maria Cafer, director of The Human Factor.

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About the human factor:

We provide problem solving and practical advice with confidence
solutions to help where you:

  • Manage poor performance.
  • Solve absenteeism problems.
  • Manage problematic behavior.
  • Mediation negotiation.
  • General HR advice.

We help you set up HR Foundations make sure they are correct from the start:

  • We can provide employment contracts that are legally compliant and written in plain English (no legal jargon).
  • Any kind of policies or job descriptions you might need, from performance and consulting to health and safety – we help you with that.

Although we provide general HR services to SMEs and trades, improving leadership skills and employee engagement are special passions for Maria!

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