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A latest management coaching based on the state’s recently adopted strategic plan has prompted public school principals to seek new ways to revamp some college insurance policies, combat education loss, and implement methods to help students succeed former teachers.

“Now we focus on our students all the time. But it’s also very deliberate, from the methods to the actions that we do as a division in general,” said Natasha Dela Cruz, director of elementary faculty MU Lujan. This helped me determine next steps for what I need to prioritize. It advances, rises and accelerates.

Vicente SA Benavente Vice Principal of Secondary Faculty Jodie Sablan speaks during a conversation about Accelerated Learning for Principals’ Management Academy Coaching at Guam’s Training Division headquarters in Tiyan on July 27, 2022.

Ben Chalan-ta Mo’na

In April, the Guam Training Council adopted the Guam Ministry of Training (I Chalån-ta Mo’na) 5-12 month strategic plan for the previous 12 months with input and assistance from the academic group specializing in the next strategic priorities:

  • Management
  • Curriculum and Education
  • Participation of the father or the mother
  • Student self-discipline and safety
  • Amenities and maintenance
  • Monetary and administrative providers and knowledge

All 41 public colleges are preparing for the return of face-to-face training, and principals are able to deal with educational losses from the pandemic.

“We embrace the concept that not everyone seems to be where they need to be academically, and we have come together for that…to verify that we are providing the most effective environment and the most effective alternatives for d ‘other students study and grow,’ Dela said. Cruz said.

The training division completed the Principals’ Management Academy last week with the final day of coaching at the division’s headquarters in Tiyan.

main tutorial 3.jpeg

The Guam Training Division hosted the third and final day of the Principals Management Academy training at the Guam Training Division headquarters in Tiyan on July 27, 2022.

collaborative management

“One of the biggest changes being added now is collaborative management,” said Hannah Gutierrez, director of faculty at the Astumbo Center. “So we go back to our faculty action plan, we review our course accreditation plan, after which the review of our new district plan allows teachers to really participate in the decision-making process, see our knowledge and benefit from it. Choices for our students.

main tutorial 6.jpeg

Joe Sanchez, Assistant Inspector of Curriculum and Instruction at the Department of Training, Guam, provides a presentation on accelerated study approaches and techniques on the third and final day of coaching the Directors Management Academy at the GDOE headquarters in Tiyan on July 27, 2022.

Guam DOE Deputy Superintendent Joe Sanchez said it’s critical for principals to understand the requirements of the strategic plan to enable teachers to interpret the requirements and implement strategic study options.

social advancement

Explaining that social advancement is about taking students to the next level, Sanchez said, “In fact, we are looking at simple ways to help all of these students deal with learning loss throughout schooling and to counter the consequences. of social advancement”. regardless of successful completion of the tutorial and without any penalty.

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