Leadership Course for UPNG Students



Graduates are the pioneers of this annual leadership program. The training program lasted a week to prepare student leaders ahead of the 2022 academic year and beyond. The program was an initiative of UPNG Acting Registrar Rehoboam Kakap.

“We are committed to the transformation of the university and it is the student leaders who take the lead. There is power in student leadership because students can move administration.

“They are the ones who live among the other students and they understand the problems they are facing and they know how to solve them and find solutions,” he said.

Mr. Kakap said that once student leaders see this vision, they can live up to it and make it happen. He wants to work hand in hand with his first platoon of student leaders.

“This is just the beginning of many journeys they will take and the students are raw materials with huge potential that needs to be uncovered. Managing the program was about uncovering those potentials,” Mr Kakap said.

He said one of the biggest barriers preventing graduates from moving up the workforce ladder is a lack of leadership.

Mr. Kakap added that they were also future leaders developed for the country.

“We are also preparing these students to become the nation’s future leaders in their own fields.”

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