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Source: Laudato Si’ Movement

Registration is now open for a new leadership training course called “Laudato Si’ Animators Program” which aims to train Catholics who want to serve their communities according to the teachings of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si’.

The Laudato Si’ animation program will include an online training course to train Catholic leaders around the world on various aspects of integral ecology.

The course is free and will be offered in English from August 24 to October 12, in Italian from August 23 to October 4, in Portuguese from August 23 to October 22 and in Spanish from October 4 to November 26.

Cardinal Michael Czerny, SJ, prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, expressed support for the training course, saying the world needs “leaders who inspire care for our common home to stop the degradation of the ‘environment”.

Focusing on core concepts from Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si’, the online training course will focus on four modules to reflect on what is happening to our common home and what we can do to effect change.

It offers an in-depth study of the Laudato si’ text and covers topics such as how to engage in personal ecological change.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts and leaders, develop their spirituality and receive support to take action in their local communities and inspire change.

At the end of the course, participants will be recognized as Laudato Si’ facilitators and will receive an official certificate.

Over 30,000 people around the world have participated in the Laudato Si’ program so far. About 10,000 people have successfully completed the course and received their certificate.

“This is a course of spiritual formation and leadership training so that we can take action to defend our common home. We are facing a serious climate crisis and we need to do something urgently,” he said. said Erin Lothes, senior director of the Laudato Si’ Facilitator Program.

The Laudato Si’ movement was launched seven years ago following the publication of Pope Francis’ historic encyclical on the care of creation.

Since then, the movement has grown into an international network offering training programs, community organizations and annual Laudato si’ weeks, responding to Pope Francis’ call and transforming his words on “Caring for our common house” in action.

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