Jeff Bezos’ $ 100 million gift to the Obama Foundation will fund leadership training in Africa, Asia and Europe


Amazon founder and executive chairman Jeff Bezos announced his latest philanthropic gestures on Monday: a pair of donations to the Obama Foundation and New York University Medical Center.

Mr. Bezos’ gift to the Obama Foundation was first reported on Monday morning by The New York Times – $ 100 million in total.

A spokesperson for the former president’s foundation said The independent in an emailed statement that the funds will be used to expand existing leadership programs launched by the charity to benefit young people from multiple continents.

“Jeff Bezos’ generous donation will help the Foundation expand its existing national and global leadership training programs. We currently have leadership programs in Africa, Europe, and Asia-Pacific through our Obama leaders. This is a non-residential leadership development and community engagement program that aims to inspire, empower and connect emerging leaders in their region, ”said the spokesperson.

The Obama Foundation official said the former president’s My Brothers’ Keeper initiative, which aims to improve opportunities for black men and boys in the United States, would also receive funding through the donation.

“Nationally, our My Brothers’ Keeper initiative works to address persistent gaps in opportunity faced by boys and young men of color. Our Girls Opportunity Alliance helps empower girls around the world through education to help them reach their full potential, ”they said.

The spokesperson added: “Thanks to Bezos’ donation, the next generation of emerging leaders will receive the tools, resources and training to be the change they want to see in the world, just like the Congressman. [John] Lewis did.

As part of Mr. Bezos’ donation, a plaza outside the Presidential Library of former President Barack Obama in the South Chicago neighborhood will be renamed in honor of John Lewis, the civil rights pioneer and member of Georgian Congress who died in 2020.

The gift from the Amazon founder was accompanied by a concurrent donation of $ 166 million to NYU Langone, the hospital part of New York University’s medical school, according to local media.

Mr. Bezos’ spending habits and the luxuries enjoyed by America’s wealthiest business leaders have come under increasing criticism from progressives in recent years and many figures on the American left have shot him as well as others for their recent pursuit of private space flights and other gimmicks. while calls are growing for the rich to pay more under the US tax system.

CBS late-night host Stephen Colbert joked earlier this year after Mr. Bezos returned from his first suborbital flight and marked the occasion by thanking Amazon customers: “It’s funny because he does not pay taxes nor his employees. “

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