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HOUSTON, October 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — High value coaching has become a big global market today, given the significant value it can bring to clients. Having a specific coaching niche or goal helps convey to a client that a coach is an expert in that area. High value coaching can include a wide variety of topics that enhance a person’s lifestyle, business, or career.

An example of this high value coaching includes the Online Leadership Training and Leadership Acceleration™ programs which are specifically aimed at career coaching for people in the engineering and technical professional niche. What makes these coaches different from other typical generic career coaches? They have more than HR training and career coaching. In personalized, interactive and collaborative coaching programs, these coaches use their real-world engineering/technology and leadership career experience along with career coaching experience to help those with similar specialist backgrounds achieve their career goals. Coaches have a unique understanding of where clients are in their careers and how to help them excel. The return on investment from this high-value career coaching can result in significant salary increases for a new job.

The organization achieves this by helping technical professionals become marketable and find more rewarding, higher-paying employment opportunities.

“Being a technical professional myself, I recognize that we’re not always the best at conveying ourselves. Including what companies and recruiters are really looking for in resumes, online job profiles, and interviews,” declared Luke Feldmeier, Founder and CEO of Online Leadership Training and Feldmeier Enterprises, LLC. “These coaches and I help tech professionals take a third-party perspective and convey what companies and recruiters are looking for to gain an edge over their peers and land higher-quality, higher-paying jobs. Often, that change can be drastic, we’ve seen wage increases ranging from 20% to 120%.”

Are you an engineer or technical professional looking to take your career to the next level? For more information or to arrange a free career plan discussion, visit the website at www.TheLeadershipTraining.com/career-coaching, contact by email at Car[email protected]or watch this short two-minute program overview video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhFWI0MfaLA&list=PL6fN_xqOnXxlHQ7OTPmLxw3iHEy8uJZ07&index=3.

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