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BISMARCK, ND, August 9, 2022 – State Faculty Superintendent Kirsten Baesler invites North Dakota faculty councils to participate in management coaching designed to help their students improve their tutoring results.

Baesler said the Division of Public Education is offering aggressive grants to cover half the cost of coaching at the Be Legendary Faculty Board Management Institute. The courses last two days and take place in the district of the faculty.

The Institute helps faculty board members set end-result goals for scholars, set up a course for tracking and measuring progress toward those goals, and develop capacity teamwork and advocacy that lead to superior tutoring results.

Board members may be asked to choose goals that align with the goals of North Dakota’s PR-12 Schooling Strategic Imaginative and Prescient Framework, which include:

  • Increase the proportion of graduate students at North Dakota universities Prepared for the election;
  • Double the share of third-year students who are proficient readers by 12 months of faculty 2025-26;
  • Reduce achievement gaps for low-income students, Native American students, and students with disabilities by 25% per year for the next 5 years; and
  • Improve the share of researchers who collaborate in their research.

Faculty boards that effectively complement management could be rewarded at the annual Governor’s Modern School Summit. At the last summit at Dickinson last June, board members from Dickinson, Carrington, Rugby and Nedrose were honoured. Since then, Ellendale and Sargent Central faculty councils have accomplished the coaching and Belcourt has begun.

Management coaching for a single faculty council costs $4,350 when the 50% contribution from authority grants is included. For 2 council members, the expense per council drops to $3,125; the price drops to $2,583 for all three. Becoming a member of two or three councils collectively allows members to match their views, Baesler said.

NDDPI partnered with an educational consulting firm, Elliott & McMahon, LLC to ship the coaching. The NDDPI has earmarked $500,000 in federal COVID-19 restoration assistance for the Be Legendary Faculty Board Management Institute and has persevered in faculty board teaching.

Faculty councils can complete grant goals on the NDDPI website. They will be delivered on Thursday, September 15 until 9:00 p.m. central time.

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