Gardiner Scouts Complete Leadership Training


Standing in front of McCurdy Lodge, left to right, are John Campbellton, Connor Riddle, Henry Avery and Josh McGrath. Photo submitted

Scouts from Troop 672 in Gardiner recently spent a weekend at Camp Bomazeen in Belgrade to complete Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) training.

The aim of the ILST course is to teach Scouts in leadership positions about their new roles and the most effective way to achieve success in that role. It is intended to help Scouts in leadership positions within their troop understand their responsibilities and equip them with the organizational and leadership skills to fulfill those responsibilities. ILST is the first in a series of leadership training courses offered to Scouts and replaces Troop Leadership Training.

Completion of the training is a prerequisite for Scouts to participate in the more advanced leadership courses, National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) and National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE). It is also necessary to participate in a Kodiak Challenge Trek.

Since they were the first visitors to Camp Bomazeen this spring, they also found opportunities to do community service by cleaning up the sports field, the ga-ga ball pit and the area around McCurdy Lodge. As a final activity, a plaque was added to the wall of McCurdy Lodge to commemorate the weekend.

These Scouts will be able to put their new skills into practice as they enter our spring and summer activities. Two of these Scouts plan to continue their leadership training by attending NYLT in June.

Scouts hanging out on Bomazeen Rock, left to right, are John Campbelton, Connor Riddle, Josh McGrath and Henry Avery. Photo submitted

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