Fury as civil servants attend £500 ‘queer leadership’ training on taxpayers’ money



Civil servants who went to a ‘Queer Leadership’ conference on taxpayers’ money were slammed by the government’s top lawyer.

Attorney General Suella Braverman said she was “hugely disappointed” to find her own staff ignored orders to cut the wake and attended the £500-a-head diversity day in May.


Attorney General Suella Braverman slammed officials who attended a ‘Queer Leadership’ conference on taxpayer moneyCredit: Avalon.red

The Sun has learned that “a small number” of officials from the government’s legal department were involved.

The course boasted of giving “the tools and knowledge to build a more inclusive, healthy and sustainable queer future”.

Braverman – tipped to be the next Home Secretary if Liz Truss becomes Prime Minister – said: ‘I am extremely disappointed that the GLD continues to engage in divisive diversity training at taxpayer expense.

“Going forward, every expense that falls into this category will have to go through my office.”

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A source close to her said: ‘The GLD was on very thin ice after Suella uncovered all the divisive nonsense they were teaching lawyers about unconscious bias, despite a ministerial instruction to ban it.’

The department also wasted public money on a pottery painting day.

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