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More than 70 Airmen drawn from the ranks of Master Sgt. to Maj. gathered for a three-day flight leadership course at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, April 13-15, 2022.

The objective of the course is to assist in the preparation and development of airmen responsible for directing a flight. Air Force Instruction 38-101, Manpower and Organization, defines a flight as “the lowest level unit of the Air Force”.

“There’s a difference between supervising Airmen and leading units,” said Col. Kyle Head, commander of the 23rd Mission Support Group. “Our existing professional military training programs do not adequately address this distinction, so we created this course to help fill that gap.”

Lessons ranged from the role of flight leaders to organizational culture and drew on both Air Force and academic concepts.

“The intent is to equip them with the tools to start leading in a different capacity,” said 1st Lt. Armando Colorado, material management flight commander for the 23rd Logistics Readiness Squadron. “The transition from tactical leadership to an operational leadership level requires a different mindset. At the flight leadership level, you transition from being a subject matter expert to managing the subject matter experts and providing them with what they need to execute the mission.

Airmen from across the wing were chosen to attend the event, so flight leaders can connect with their peers and interact with each other.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with organizations across the base,” said 1st Lt. Christian Little, 23 Wing Public Affairs Officer. “This course has given me experiences and lessons learned from decades of flight leadership, so I won’t make the same mistakes my predecessors did.”

Several speakers with years of experience shared their knowledge of what makes a good leader. Specific guidance on topics such as care of self and others, resource management, mission execution, growth and development of Airmen and improvement of their units were highlighted throughout. classes.

“Frontline leadership is where the mission takes place and where Airmen are truly supported,” Head emphasized. “Developing our next generation of leaders is the most strategic investment of time we can make.”

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