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In the early 1970s, exit managers at the Angeles Chapter felt the need to standardize training and safety management for its hugely popular and growing exit program. The result was a first for the Sierra Club: a Leadership Training Committee (LTC), to train candidates, and a Safety Committee to develop policies, assign ratings to leaders and investigate incidents.

Over the past 50 years, thousands of Angeles Chapter exit leaders have gone through the process, achieving the O, I, M, E ratings that are unique to our program. Along the way, the National Sierra Club developed its own Outings Leadership training for its leaders. Known as OLT101 and 201, the principles common to ours and National’s exist to affirm Outings leadership best practices.

2019 Leadership Training Seminar at Stoneview Nature Center by Jane Simpson

LTC welcomes members and non-members to its seminars and certain events. Everyone starts by reading LTC’s Leader’s Reference Book (LRB), submitting an exam, and attending the leadership training seminar. Some participants are there to begin their assessment and others are there to learn how to take their friends and family more safely on private adventures.

Skills events, offered throughout the year, give potential leaders the opportunity to access higher grades. Rock and Snow requires Sierra Club membership, while Navigation does not. You can practice and test yourself, whether you want to get an assessment or simply improve your skills as a participant. Each event has its own leader contacts and its own conditions of participation.

Over the past year, LTC has been busy making its seminars virtual, via Zoom. After two successful seminars, LTC is considering ways to continue using a shorter, more condensed format, possibly alongside an in-person component for the future. Coming soon will be National’s new “OLT” (Outings Leadership Training) materials that will have a strong foundation of fairness and inclusivity that LTC will incorporate into its own curriculum.

While awaiting the reopening of in-person outings and other LTC training such as checks and the advanced mountaineering program, navigation continued in virtual space under the creative mind of LTC’s Navigation President, Bob Myers. While past sailing events have taken place in desert locations such as Mission Creek Preserve and the Wildland Conservancy’s Joshua Tree, LTC continues to only offer virtual events at this time. On April 24, another virtual navigation workshop will take place. Register two weeks in advance by contacting Bob Myers at [email protected]

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