Ecobank launches leadership training program to support women-owned businesses across Africa


Ecobank Commercial Banking, part of pan-African banking group Ecobank (, has launched its Elevate leadership training program in partnership with the Global Business School Network (GBSN). Ellevate’s leadership training program is part of ‘Ellevate Equip’, the brand name for all Ellevate training and education support initiatives by Ecobank, the bank’s gender finance program . This leadership training program is delivered to an initial cohort of 40 world-class Ellevate clients from 10 African countries: Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Josephine Anan-Ankomah, Group Executive, Commercial Banking, Ecobank, said: “Ecobank has launched Ellevate to serve and foster the success of women-owned and women-led businesses by providing them with a comprehensive suite of financial and non-financial solutions. . Their goal is to help them reach their full potential and increase their business and economic impact. “Elevate Equip” is a natural extension of these goals and was designed by Ecobank Academy to empower African women leaders with the right tools and skills to effectively lead themselves, run their businesses and support their communities.

This is a unique training program designed and delivered by Ecobank Academy in association with the Global Business School Network and supported by its members, School of Business, INSEAD Africa Initiative and INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute (EMI), Lagos Business School , MIT Sloan Global Programs, Stanford Seed and the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business.

Speaking at the launch, Dan LeClair, CEO of Global Business School Network, said, “Global Business School Network is pleased to partner with Ecobank Academy in line with our mission to improve access to business education and locally relevant management for the world. developing world. We are especially thrilled, thanks to the diversity of our membership, to bring together so many of the world’s best scholars to present this leadership program. As a network, we see this as a mutual learning experience where we encourage the cohort to get the most out of the teaching experience, but we also believe that faculty will seek to absorb as much about the local contexts in which these women leaders operate.

Selected business leaders will learn to:

Identify and work on key leadership challenges. Mastering leadership perspectives: reframing challenges with a growth mindset. Think strategically to advance individual and corporate goals. Develop resilience: effectively manage stress, uncertainty and setbacks. Take advantage of active learning to identify new business opportunities and improve other areas of business growth. Get a full view of themselves as leaders. Effectively lead high performance teams.

Graduate participants will receive a certificate of completion from Ecobank Group and GBSN.

Ecobank’s Elevate is an award-winning solution designed for women-owned and women-managed businesses, businesses with a high percentage of women on the board or as employees, and businesses that manufacture products for women. Ellevate customers benefit from smarter cash management solutions, great loan rates, and value-added services like leadership training and networking opportunities designed to bridge the financial gap and grow their business.

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