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SMYRNA, Tennessee – Soldiers from various Tennessee Army National Guard units participated in the Pilot Front Line Leadership Course at the Smyrna Volunteer Training Site, September 13-18. The main objective of the course is to strengthen the level of technical and tactical knowledge of frontline leaders within the Tennessee Army National Guard.

Tennessee State Command Sgt. Major Dale Crockett proposed the creation of a course focusing on small unit leadership. Crockett communicated his vision to the 117th Regimental Training Institute in Smyrna and together they developed and implemented the pilot course.

“The main objective is to hold the NCO accountable,” Crockett said. “We designed this course to focus on the team leader. I wanted to put courses that make our NCOs more competent and capable in the jobs they do, so that we can build the NCO corps.

The course program included briefings by senior non-commissioned officers on the importance of being committed and determined leaders. They received refresher training in proper vehicle maintenance, tactical squad movement and medical evacuation procedures. In addition, students were educated on the importance of military range safety, and many of them became certified range safety officers during the course.

The students were introduced to many administrative functions of the Guard which allow them to better assist their soldiers. They received presentations on submitting price recommendations for their soldiers, expanding National Guard education benefits and the organizational structure of the Tennessee National Guard. They were also briefed on the essential role of frontline leaders in ensuring that all guards can serve the state without fear of discrimination and sexual assault.

“A lot of the incentives that were presented during this course were new to me,” said Staff Sgt. Tamecca Johnson, Unit Supply Specialist with the 105th Personnel Company of Nashville. “The updated education benefit information that I can take back to my soldiers for use now. “

Maj. Gen. Jeff Holmes, adjutant general of Tennessee, addressed the course participants on September 16. Holmes stressed the importance of the first line commander to the success of the Tennessee Army National Guard, answered questions on a variety of topics, and advised them to use this course as an opportunity to build relationships important professionals with their peers. He also encouraged students to place the needs of soldiers as a top priority as they progress in their military careers.

“You have a huge responsibility. You are all at this crucial point in your career where you are leading rather than being led, ”said Holmes. “Making this transition has to be a conscious effort. “

Crockett pointed out how having staff NCOs to lead the training has helped both instructors and students. He noted how having staff NCOs serving as course instructors enhanced their ability to teach soldiers while providing course participants with the opportunity to directly observe military training. .

“There is no better way to learn than to teach,” said Crockett. “While the instructors teach these soldiers, they also learn methods to train their soldiers more effectively. “

One of the goals of the pilot was to get feedback in order to shape future courses. At the end of each day, the participants gave their assessment of the training they received. They outlined what they felt was effective and offered ideas on how to ensure the course could achieve its goal of developing frontline leaders. Feedback from this inaugural class will be used to refine future iterations.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how this course evolves,” said Crockett. “Every time we lead it, we’re going to refine it and improve it. This process will be based on the feedback we receive from students, instructors and senior leaders. Their feedback will give us an idea of ​​how we will refine this training for the next course. “

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