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BETHESDA, MD – The Chief of Naval Operations approved the recommendation of the Naval Surgeon General on July 31, to establish the Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command (NML & PDC). The new mission statement “We develop leaders and their professional careers” sets the course for the new command.

Formerly named Navy Medicine Professional Development Center, the NML & PDC draws on more than 350 service members and civilians to achieve the Navy Surgeon General’s strategic goal of building a high performing medical force ready to meet the 21st century mission demands for the fighter.
The command, located in Building 1 of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, is a subordinate training command of the Naval Support Command in San Antonio. NML & PDC follows the medical training of a Sailor from “Cradle to Grave” starting with entry level training, it offers courses spanning the career continuum of a Sailor in Navy Medicine.

Here are some of the leadership programs and directions offered to Sailors by NML & PDC:

Leader Development Academy
NML & PDC, designed as the inaugural center of Navy SG’s Leader Development Academy, is responsible for aligning the SG leadership strategy with the ONC leadership development framework within the Navy Medicine business through the through training, executive coaching, career development and staff development and the Predictive Index® team building process to build, grow and develop effective leadership teams. The LDA has worked with Navy leadership agencies, including the Navy Leadership and Ethics Center, Navy Personnel Command, and Navy Medicine Reserve Component, to maximize consistent alignment within the culture of excellence of Marine.

Academic Directorate
The NML & PDC Academic Branch offers a strong portfolio of residential and distance education, which includes core training for Marine Medicine Plans, Medical Intelligence Operations and Officers, Patient Administration Officers, military tropical medicine and fiscal and logistics training to prepare naval medical personnel for their assigned missions. In the aftermath of COVID-19, the team has adeptly adapted to distance learning platforms, which have already trained 178 students to ensure seamless continuity in preparing medical staff for missions.

Navy postgraduate dental school
The school trains dental leaders through multi-year residency training to ensure that dentists specializing in eight specialties are available for assignment around the world. Additionally, the school offers continuing dental education to provide advanced education and current practice guidelines to practicing federal dentists.

Officer Programs Directorate
Ensuring a strong pool of talented medical professionals is available to support operations is the mission of the Officer Programs Directorate, which orchestrates several advanced training pipelines to include: advanced medical training, duty under instruction , enlisted medical commissioning programs and professional certification assistance.

School of tri-service opticians
The Tri-Service Optician School (TOPS) located in Yorktown, Virginia, is one of three accredited training programs accredited by the Council on Occupational Education and administered by the NML & PDC. The TOPS team is responsible for equipping more than 50 opticians from the Navy and the Army each year to ensure optimal medical preparation.

Direction of visual information
Finally, the Visual Information Directorate ensures that the strategic messaging and communication needs of naval medicine are met, spanning the creative spectrum from COVID-19 information to brand initiatives and video productions promoting priorities. of the SG. All efforts are designed to support a high performing Navy medicine team, trained and equipped to care for combatants and their families.

The birth of NML & PDC marks a key strategic move within naval medicine to build an operations-oriented organization that will lead military medical operations into the future. Its mission “focuses on the critically evolving requirement for ready and relevant learning, agile learning systems and processes, and a transparent alignment of mission, values ​​and commitment between all parts of the ministry. of Defense, “said Captain (NML) Barry Adams & PDC’s commanding officer. “It all starts and ends with the concept that sustained, highly reliable performance is built and maintained in a culture where leaders develop leaders. ”

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