BSA Scouts conducts leadership training at Camp Hiawatha


MUNISING, Mich. (WLUC) – Troop leaders from the BSA Scouts branch of the Boy Scouts of America are participating in training at Camp Hiawatha this week.

Tuesday marked the third day of the organization’s traditional national youth leadership training. Senior Patrol Leader Alec Tuttle said one of the key skills leaders learn is communication.

“We try to teach them everything they need to know about presenting, leading troops, leading events, [and] whatever they need to do to bring it home and implement it in their home troops,” Tuttle said.

At least 55 boys and girls ages 13 to 18 from across the Upper Peninsula and Wisconsin are participating in the six-day camp. Activities include problem solving, realistic first aid, outpost camp, and team development training.

A first-time participant was Aaron Sohm from West Bend, Wisconsin, who said he learned several strategies.

“We were doing one of the activities where we make a tower out of pipe cleaners and whoever had the best,” Sohm said. “We had five minutes, then halfway through we were only able to use one hand.”

Prior to this week, Sohm had never seen any of the other participating leaders. Now he said he plans to keep in touch with quite a few of them.

“When we got here we played a few games to get to know you, like Zip Zap Zop! It was just a lot of fun getting to know them and it’s a lot of fun hanging out with them,” Sohm said.

Tuttle, who attended the training years ago, was thrilled to see others grow through the program.

“I’ve seen them all become fantastic leaders and people I’m glad to have led this course with me. [They’re] some of the best leaders I know,” Tuttle said.

BSA Scouts is also hosting a NYLT Pack N’ Paddle camp in August for those who didn’t attend this event and are looking for an adventurous aspect. To register, visit

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