BEMA focuses on leadership training in the baking industry | 2022-06-08



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While many bakery companies develop and offer their own employee training programs, Emily Bowers, vice president of education and operations for BEMA, has found that much of this training is focused on day-to-day tasks. and employee workplace culture. BEMA hopes to fill all the gaps with its educational opportunities.

“What I find is that bakers focus on how to do the job, technical skills, safety skills, operator skills to do the job, but they don’t have the human component, and that’s where BEMA came in and provided a helpful resource for that segment,” Ms. Bowers said in this episode of From the bread.

Through BEMA-U, the association offers bakery companies leadership training for their employees that can be tailored to the specific needs of their organization. As a bonus, Ms. Bowers visits bakery businesses rather than expecting bakeries to send their employees away from their facilities.

Listen to this episode of Since Sliced ​​Bread to learn more about BEMA-U as well as how BEMA pivoted to deliver a virtual Workforce edition of its annual convention, held June 22-26 in San Diego , in California.

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