Baylor Abshire Fellows Enjoy Virtual Leadership Course



Thursday, October 29, 2020

Abshire Leadership Fellows, front row, left to right, Alexa McCarren, Orly Berke, Margaret Webb, Rosa Anderson Barrera, Frances Brantley and Ashleigh Huang; back row, left to right, Harrison Williams, Eli Bowen, Lydia Bohannon, Creighton Arrington, Sophie Peirano, Janie Pippenger and Callie West. Not pictured is Grant Burks.

Fourteen Baylor seniors chosen last spring as Abshire Leadership Fellows enjoyed a virtual day of speakers, leadership activities and presentations by Baylor alumni on politics, leadership, medicine and finance on Monday .

Fellows would normally embark this summer on the David M. Abshire Civic Leadership Trip, an eight-day experiential course on similar topics, but the trip was canceled due to pandemic restrictions.

The program was created in partnership with the Center for Presidency Studies and in honor of the late Dr.

David Abshire ’44, who served as president and CEO of this organization.

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