ATH: Fries and Watson-Carr participate in NCAA student-athlete leadership training in 2021



Hempstead, NY – Hofstra University Women’s Football Student-Athletes Marlene Fries and Grace Watson-Carr participated in the 2021 NCAA Student Athlete Leadership Training (SALT), held virtually in late June. The duo were two of 200 student-athletes from across the country selected to participate in this unique event, which featured two days of development programs. The virtual event equipped participating student-athletes with vital personal development skills – leadership, courage, core values, embracing vulnerability and a growth mindset – that will serve them well on and off the pitch. competition.

The theme of the two-day experience was “What’s Your Leadership DNA?” Participants gained an understanding of the importance of leading before leading others, and how to live their personal values ​​on a daily basis. Thanks to their presence, they were better equipped to recognize emotions and articulate the impact they have on their thoughts, behaviors and actions.

Most of the workshop took place in small teams of around 20 student-athletes. These teams enabled participants to form meaningful connections with one another and to engage in a guided program focused on leadership. Each team was led by a college athletics administrator, who facilitated a wide variety of sessions to help participants explore their leadership identity and the qualities that make their leadership DNA unique.

In the aftermath of a global pandemic that limited usual means of connection, the training focused on promoting meaningful relationships among program participants. The team model was designed to promote authenticity and transparency, helping participants feel comfortable sharing, reflecting and growing together.

In his opening remarks, acclaimed author, business coach and motivational speaker Jonathan Sprinkles urged attendees to assess what drives and motivates them to perform at their best as leaders. He further invited the participants to think about the leaders they would like to become for the others around them.

Participants left the training energized and motivated to put into practice what they learned, making an impact on others through their renewed self-awareness and leadership skills. They came away with a fully developed personal leadership philosophy, a deep articulation of their core values, and a deeper understanding of the qualities that make them particularly strong leaders.

Fries, a sophomore defenseman from Geltendorf, Germany, said: “The leadership training of NCAA student-athletes has helped me gain a different perspective on the role of a leader. Everyone makes mistakes, but the most important thing is to learn from them. Leaders respect and accept everyone on the team and around the team, and bring them together. The NCAA program helps you identify your own strengths and core values. “

“The program really encouraged connections and networking through the use of social media, using the hashtags # SALTServes21 and #NCAALearnLead. a leadership perspective, ”said Watson-Carr, a junior goalie from Sydney, Australia.

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