Ask ACE: Are there any leadership training resources in Maine?



Question: My business is growing and I realize that I need to improve my leadership skills. Are there any resources in Maine that could help you?

ACE advises: Leadership is the ability to take advantage of opportunities to develop and meet challenges.

Jim Collins, a leadership expert and author of “Good to Great,” says that under the right circumstances – with self-reflection, a mentor, meaningful life experience – the seeds of leadership begin to grow. The problem is, how do you create these circumstances if they haven’t come to you?

Here in Maine, a program launched in October is providing an answer. The Visionary Leadership Program is a collaboration between the Maine Center for Entrepreneurs, Bangor Savings Bank, and the University of Maine Graduate and Professional Center (the Maine Center).

Through monthly virtual meetings, the Visionary Leadership Program builds a strong peer group for growing business leaders, develops leadership skills and tools for today’s business challenges, and introduces leaders to attendees of Maine Company and Opinion. The sessions, moderated by Skip Bates of Bangor Savings Bank and Alexa Dayton of Maine Center, feature a roster of leaders from Maine’s business and leadership communities.

The pilot cohort has 16 members. Many are former MCE Top Gun alumni representing a range of industries and businesses across Maine.

“Strong leadership drives the economy, and leadership can be cultivated through a combination of information sharing and experience sharing,” says Dayton. The Visionary Leadership Program “is an accessible program designed for growing Maine businesses. It answers what attendees need to know to be successful Maine leaders and for their businesses to excel.

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Dana morris jones and John shorb were the main ones of the Delphi Group, an organizational effectiveness consulting firm, since 1998. They will be the guest presenters of the Visionary Leadership Program in February 2021. Contact them at [email protected] Where [email protected], or 207-883-2333.

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