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720th Security Forces Squad Leader, Technical Sgt. John Colby has been selected to be part of Air Force Reserve Command’s new Integrated Defense Leadership Course. The concept is to teach critical security force training and the new mindset of future battles in an agile combat environment.

After successfully obtaining the initial beta class, Tech. sergeant. Colby was asked to join the cadre and become a course instructor for the remainder of the exercise.

In many ways, Colby is representative of many people who make up the Air Force Reserve. His service began in another branch of the US military when he began his career in the US Marine Corps infantry. Much of the training performed at IDLC is similar to what he learned at the School of Infantry during his time in the Marines.

In addition to security force training, medical training at IDLC focuses on tactical combat casualty care. This new T-CCC training will eventually be extended to the entire Air Force. Colby’s civilian work as a firefighter and paramedic prepared him for this role.

“Medical training is something that’s in my wheelhouse, so I’m able to help with instruction on those skill sets. I have been teaching tactical medicine for over 10 years,” said Tech. sergeant. Colby.

The entire course focuses on learning expeditionary skills common to training security forces. The idea is to commit to more hours and training than is otherwise possible at a unit training assembly. The intention is to change the mindset of defenders of the security forces and to see things a little differently.

“As defenders we are trained for expeditionary skills, but a lot of the sustainment training we do at our home base focuses on the law enforcement aspect of being a defender” , said Colby. “And this course changes that and watches the pattern move forward, with future fights and future engagements.”

The course is designed for reservists by reservists. All executives are members of the Air Force Reserve, and graduates are able to enhance their skills and take that experience home. All participants will leave with a report card showing the training completed and their performance, allowing their home units to continue developing these skills during normal UTA weekends.

“Traditionally, these types of courses have been designed for active duty personnel,” Colby said. “When reservists would take the previous training course, it would not always be tailored in a way that benefits everyone, in the same way that the IDLC is able to focus on the specific needs of the Reserve. “

During the course, students received practical application of 52 training elements from their Air Force Specialty Code Field Education and Training Plans. Earn over 190 hours of field instruction. Not all reserve sites have the resources or subject matter experts to meet all of these training requirements, making a centralized training course crucial to maintaining combatant readiness.

The 720th Security Forces Squadron is part of the 943rd Rescue Group at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, a geographically separate unit from the 920th Rescue Wing at Patrick Space Force Base, Florida.

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