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“Why do I need to learn leadership books? Real life can teach me better.

Leadership Books Can Help You Build a Winning Team | picture by Auguste de Richelieu from Pexels

A manager became quite restless when he was recommended leadership books to work on his team building skills. He was known as a high performer, but his team had a high attrition rate. Management was unsure if he was cut out to make the transition from “Superstar Performer” to “Great Leader”.

Are leadership books helpful?

Like this manager, many others also believe more in real-life personal learning.

While their point is valid, relying solely on personal experiences can cause you to overlook the wisdom of others. You may end up reinventing the wheel.

You are unlikely to be exposed to a wide range of situations that can teach you all the different areas of leadership. Even if that’s the case, it’s often hard to see past your way of doing things and easier to ignore life’s lessons.

Writers, on the other hand, research the lives of others to create a comprehensive account of what makes or breaks a leader. Leadership books become a collection of best practices.

You can learn tricks or mistakes from others through these books. So when you come across a similar situation, you will know what to do.

But more importantly, leadership books focus on creating mindsets. No author can attempt to include every possible scenario a leader would face in a book. Instead, the author can guide you to a mindset that can tackle any situation.

Let’s take a look at 5 incredibly useful leadership books that can guide you on your journey.

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While writing this book, Dale Carnegie continued to collect the experiences of his students and a wider audience.

Her book is filled with personal stories, mistakes and learnings. Each chapter is focused on driving a message. Check out these 6 underrated tips from the book.

The book shares exceptional ways to manage career advancement, persuasion, communication, and influence. But ultimately, Dale Carnegie’s book will make you better with people. And that’s what leadership is for.

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Daniel Goleman first brought to light one of mankind’s greatest confusions.

Why does someone not succeed despite having a very high IQ?

His research in psychology and neuroscience has uncovered information about our rational and emotional minds. He showed how they shape our well-being, our relationships and our work.

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This bestseller describes a holistic approach to solving personal and professional problems.

Using success stories, the book draws key insights from the real world of business. Information you can use to train your leadership style and problem-solving skills.

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The former CEO of Medtronic, in this book, lays out a blueprint for your personal leadership plan.

The book is based on interviews with 125 business leaders. He shows how anyone can become an authentic leader by listening to their inner strengths.

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Simon Sinek, in his book, shows how much successful leaders have empathy for their teammates.

These leaders fight for the best interests of employees, which creates a culture of support. This book shows how this can create a high performing team.

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Leadership can be of different types.

It all starts with understanding who you are as a person. From there, use your strengths and weaknesses to build a leadership style that works for you.

Ultimately, leadership is about making sure your team is performing at its best. It is their performance that guarantees your success and that of your department.

Do whatever it takes to bring out the best in them.

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