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10X Leaders, a highly focused leadership development team, sets the stage for future leaders with its unique and innovative leadership programs. 10x Leaders ensure that everyone who wants to improve has the opportunity to do so. With personal growth being their top priority, 10X Leaders motivate and encourage not only managers but also employees to aspire to the next level.

No one is born a leader, but everyone can be trained to become a charismatic and transformative leader through personal growth, personal development and a positive mindset. However, breaking this mindset is not always an easy process.

Additionally, the 10X Growth Program is a 12-week online course that uses a disruptive approach to boost the mindset of course participants, instilling a drive to achieve personal goals and embrace success through to optimal personal growth.

CEO and leadership coach, Zsolt Kubecska, has developed a disruptive method for instilling leadership skills by implementing an innovative approach honed over decades of self-realization, perseverance, and hard work.

His 10X Leadership Method has been honed over many years of working one-on-one with CEOs, Managing Directors, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, Independent Business Owners, Freelancers, and Athletes. The program is designed to equip individuals with the tools to transform and adapt a mindset of confidence, bringing consistency that leads to success in their personal and professional lives.

Before they can lead, this person must be able to understand what it takes to inspire, motivate and lead others. 10X Leaders’ specially designed training sessions are conducted over a 12 month period – two learning sessions per month – allowing participants to apply what has been learned over a longer period of time.

Such an immersive approach reinforces the principles taught and allows changes and improvements to be absorbed into the psyche for maximum effect and success. This result is made possible through close supervision and guidance from an experienced mentor. Through the regular coaching cycle of leadership training sessions, participants are given the opportunity to grow. Ultimately, it allows their mind to adopt a practice-oriented way of thinking that naturally gives way to motivation and enlightenment.

The process could be compared to being put in an endless loop of repeating basic practices and analyzing oneself from different points of view. Moreover, giving room for further development and growth. Each participant is trained in different skill areas to prepare for the transformation process using specific leadership training modules.

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Each area of ​​competence is conveyed by different experts specialized in a given area of ​​expertise, thus allowing the participant to have access to the most up-to-date knowledge and tools. The effectiveness of the established learning concept of 10X Leaders only works thanks to the balanced combination of its training team consisting of recognized experts and competent trainers with many years of management experience and knowledge in the field of management and personal development.

In short, Zsolt Kubecska and his team of trainers have established an environment, approach and methodology that create optimal synergy achievements, and it has proven to provide the best results and effects.

The 10X Leaders training consists of immersing participants from different industries in this environment and facilitating meetings in small groups to exchange experiences and networks. Allowing an expansion of their network and establishing new connections. By managing the continuous feedback loop and encouraging in-depth reflections, participants more easily put their new knowledge into practice.

The 10X Leadership Program is for ambitious individuals who want to take their lives to the next level or those in leadership positions who want to learn practical, proven leadership tools to successfully solve everyday challenges.

About Zsolt:

Zsolt Kubecska, CEO and leadership trainer of 10X Leaders, was a refugee as a child. From the age of five, he had experienced unimaginable violence and poverty. It was this experience that inspired him to share his ideas with others and use the lessons he learned to give more meaning to their lives, to help them transform and grow. He aspires to show people that what seems impossible can be possible simply by changing their mindset.

Growing up, he relied on his faith in God and very little guidance or help from those around him as he embarked on his journey to success. Along the way, he realized that success is a conscious decision one makes and that there is a roadmap for that. He believes that everyone has 10 times more potential than they think and that by applying simple but verified methods, their potential for success becomes limitless.

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